The ongoing liberalization of trade and opening up of economy has lead to revolutionary growth in hotel sector. Moreover the recent measures taken in promotion of tourism and rapid industrial growth have further given a boost the hoteliering because hotel industry is a closely linked one to the tourism industry. With increasing growth in this sector career opportunities are also growing day by day. Now the field is not limited within the country but has already extended to internationally operated chains of hotels. The result is increase in the demand of well trained quality professional people who can manage the hotel business. Therefore the demand for Hotel Management as a professional course is growing in the country. The diversity of experience in hotel management is greater than in any other profession. Courses in Hotel Management often referred to as Hospitality Management, which includes varied aspects of learning, both theoretical and practical.
There are ample job avenues for Hotel Management graduates in various fields. They can join varieties of hotels and restaurants flourishing in the country. Hotel management students can join catering services of Railways, Airlines, Shipping companies, Banks and also in Defense sector. There are many Clubs and hotel and tourism association who need the services of professional hotel managers. Besides industrial canteen and other institutional canteen of collages, schools, factories and company guest house also need the service of such people. A few proceed to pursue postgraduate studies in hotel management and opt for teaching jobs. Hospitals and other institutions also engage hotel management professionals. Moreover self employment opportunities are always available to Hotel Management graduates.

Various Departments in ‘Hospitality Industry’ and career options in those departments

A hotel consists main departments such as Operations, Front office, Housekeeping, Food and Beverages, Accounting, Engineering/ Maintenance, Sales and Security. Each department has a number of positions that one can opt for.

General Operations
General Manager, who is the main in charge, is the coordinator and administrator, responsible for staff management, financial control, and provision of services, quality control and customer care. Depending on the size of the hotel, general managers could have assistant managers to supplement their work.

Front Office :
It is the centre of all activities. Important functions of receiving the guests, making room reservations, handling correspondence and preparing bills and keeping accounts of the guest services are handled at the front office. The department is headed by Front office manager who supervises and co-ordinates the work. Then there are Assistant Manager, Lobby executive, front office supervisor, information assistant, receptionist, bell captain, bell boy, doorman etc. to perform their assigned roles.

Accounting Department :
This department deals with both cash and credit transactions, i.e. all the financial transactions like purchase of materials, offering of services to the guests etc. This department also compiles information required for budgeting, pricing of food and services and so on. Professionals like cash, cost and works accountants are given higher positions in the department. Chief cashier, cash clerk/bill clerk are the positions handled in this department.

Engineering/ Maintenance Department :
Qualified engineers are appointed for the maintenance of the building and various machines involved in the premises. They are assisted by necessarSy staff in the electrical and mechanical departments. Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineer, Plumbers, carpenters etc are employed by this department.

House Keeping :
The work of keeping the hotel, rooms, bars, restaurants etc. clean and making it presentable to the guests and ensuring facilities and comfort to them is handled by this department. Those handling this department are Chief executive house keeper, floor supervisor, room attendants, linen supervisors, Maids etc.

Food & Beverage Service Department :
This department is the heart of the hotel industry and is responsible for all the food that is prepared and served in the hotel. The main functions performed by the department are- presentation, preparation and service of food and beverages involving kitchen, bar and baker. Overall in charge of kitchen is known as Chef de Cuisine, the in charge of section is called Chef de Parties and the one who supervises and coordinates the work of Chef de parties is known as Souse-Chef. The Service department is headed by Food & Beverage Manager, who is assisted by Restaurant Manager, Banquet Manager, The other service staff includes Head Waiter, Hostess, Waiter, Bartender.

Sales & Marketing :
This department keeps in touch with travel agents and tour operators as well as other potential corporate clients in order to sell hotel facilities. Advertising and Public Relations is also normally handled by this department.

Then there is the Security department which provides security to the guest and their belongings and employs security Officers/ guards for this purpose. Retires Army personnel are preferred by this department.